Dear Bill & William

We are very pleased with the service that we received while buying property through your real estate office.

William was very gracious and helpful. He helped us through each step of the buying process. It was not an easy process; loan delays, certain tests had to be made, a well drilled and some clearing of the property. William set us up wit each step and introduced us to the right people for the job. William always had the paperwork in order, was very organized and accessible whenever we needed him.

We want you to know that William was the major component in the successful purchase of our property. We recommend William very highly to others who are looking for a superior real estate agent.

We just wanted to express our gratitude and let you know what a fine job William is doing for your business and for our community in the way that he is helping families to attain their dreams of purchasing real estate.


Thanks again William for all the time you put in and for genuinely caring about us and our land purchase.




David & Christina Adlard

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We recommend William Larsen very highly

William Larsen was very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

William is a great realtor. He has a thorough knowledge of his sales area. He also has contacts that allow him
to find and resolve solutions that arise during the sale. I could not recommend anyone more highly than
Eric Price, Salinas

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We got a great recommendation from local friends recommending Alpine Realty

“If you’re seeking an honest, patient and knowledgeable realtor, then look no further than William Larsen. He has gone above and beyond for our family in our personal and business realty needs f or many years and continues to do so. We highly recommend William as a competent and caring agent in both residential and commercial real estate dealings.” -M & S Ammon, 



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Honest, Patient and Knowledgeable Realtor!